COVID-19 “VIRTUAL” Staff & Contact Us

{Virtual} Contact Info During COVID-19

Students & Parents & Scholarship Supporters, we are here for YOU!

SFA MAIN OFFICE: Ms. Jasmine Milone 703-824-6730


 Ms. Samuel, Director of College Advising  /google voice: 703-705-2464

Ms. Harrington, College Adviser / 571-409-6186

Mr. Waters, College Adviser /google voice: 703-688-2670

Ms. Wheaton, SFA Scholarship Program Manager google voice: 703-828-4807


WANT TO MAKE A DONATION/ CREATE A SCHOLARSHIP: Contact Rosie Wiedemer  / mobile: 703-907-9924

Organization Address:

The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria  3330 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22302-3001

TEL: (703) 824-6730/Fax: (703) 931-3521


Staff Directory

Beth Lovain, Executive Director

Jasmine Milone, Assistant Director

Alyssa Samuel, Director of College Advising

Darien Waters, College Adviser

Lois Brown, Program Assistant

Rosie Wiedemer, Relationship Manager 703-907-9924

Albie Dickson, Relationship Manager 703-582-3200

Julie Moore, Communications & Strategy Adviser

When COVID IS OVER…Come See Us in our office at T.C.:

Directions to SFA offices: Enter TC Williams High School at door #1 by pressing the security button to the right of the door. Sign in and receive a name tag at the security desk using an ID. Past the main office, turn left through the double doors with the sign for the Clinic/Registrar. The SFA office is the second door on the left, A121. The SFA college advising office is the fourth door on the left, A115, where Ms. Samuel can be found.