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The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria

3330 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22302-3001

Tel: (703) 824-6730
Fax: (703) 931-3521

Staff Directory

Beth Lovain, Executive Director

Tiana Barlow, Assistant Director

Margaret Feldman, Director of College Advising

Abigail Osei, College Adviser

Lois Brown, Program Assistant

Rosie Wiedemer, Outreach Adviser

Julie Moore, Communications & Strategy Adviser

Come See Us in our office at T.C. Williams!

Directions to SFA offices: Enter TC Williams High School at door #1 by pressing the security button to the right of the door. Sign in and receive a name tag at the security desk using an ID. Past the main office, turn left through the double doors with the sign for the Clinic/Registrar. The SFA office is the second door on the left, A121. The SFA college advising office is the fourth door on the left, A115, where Margaret Feldman can be found.