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By Douglas Garcia

Scholarship Fund of Alexandria Board Member, 1997 T.C. Titan & Former Scholarship Recipient


I am a proud graduate of T.C. Williams High School Class of ’97 and a former Scholarship Fund of Alexandria Award Recipient. I received a great education at T.C. and I am grateful for the opportunity to support deserving TC graduates attain their college goals.

I am in good company as a Scholarship Fund supporter. The SFA was created by a group of engaged parents who wanted to support and promote higher education for T.C. Williams graduates. I have seen the outpouring of support continue from 1,500 parents, alumni, businesses and community members who give each year to help make college dreams come true. I have also witnessed the pride of scholarship recipients like me who have gone on to have amazing careers (including teachers, doctors, lawyers, and artists to name a few) as they come back to be honored as our “Portraits of Success” at our Annual Spring Benefit Gala, which will be held this year on April 28, 2018.

What an incredible grass-roots organization to have right here in Alexandria aimed at benefiting Alexandria’s own, Alexandria’s best, and Alexandria’s future – the graduates of T.C. Williams High School! Since 1986, the Scholarship Fund has awarded $13.5 million in scholarships to 4,500 deserving T.C. Williams graduates.

This year alone, the Fund awarded $410,000 in scholarships to 154 members of the Class of 2017, and awarded $500,000 in renewal scholarships to prior graduates — a key component to ensuring scholarship recipients go on to graduate and achieve success. The Fund’s staff also provides valuable and much needed assistance in advising students and their families on how to navigate the college application and financial aid process.

But as we all know, the cost of higher education continues to rise (and the possibility of going to college seems farther and farther away to students can’t afford it. That’s where you come in!

Contribute now, with the knowledge that 93 cents of every dollar you donate to the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria will go directly toward helping those T.C. Williams graduates achieve a college degree where they can unlock their potential and go on to do great things like the many Portraits of Success before them.

Please join the 1,500 annual donors who give generously of themselves to support our students and our community. You will be in good company!

Douglas Garcia, T.C.W.  ’97

Scholarship Fund of Alexandria Board Member

Former Scholarship Fund of Alexandria Scholarship Recipient

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Become a Corporate Partner A special relationship with select companies or organizations pairing Scholarship Fund activities and corporate support.

Planned Giving: Call 703-824-6730 for more information about the tax benefits of planned giving.

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October 2018
Annual Fall Fund Drive Each year the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria makes calls, sends emails, and letters to the Alexandria community and TC Williams Alumni asking for donations to support Scholarships for Alexandria kids in need. Call our office to make a pledge (703-824-6730) or make a donation by Clicking Here.

Pledge by March 1, 2018
Named Scholarship Campaign: Honor an individual or an organization by donating a scholarship in their name. Pledge by March 1, 2018 to award a scholarship in June 2018.

April 28, 2018 – Spring Gala Celebration
Corporate Honor Roll Campaign/Gala Celebration: Call 703-824-6730 to receive an invitation.

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