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How your Support Now Helps the Alexandria Community During COVID-19

Our Spring Gala that was cancelled due to COVID-19 typically raises $450,000 to support college scholarships. This year, we received a RECORD number of applications for scholarships — 488 students applied for scholarships from the T.C. Williams Class of 2020.  Our fundraising supports college scholarships for Alexandria students with financial need, and in many cases extreme financial need.  The very families who live near or below the poverty level will be the hardest hit by the economic impacts of COVID-19.  The Class of 2020 has worked SO hard; please help make college possible for bright, talented kids in Alexandria with financial need.  

Despite COVID-19 and school cancellations, graduation and college are coming for T.C. williams 2020 graduates. An SFA scholarship can mean the difference between a student being able to afford college, or simply getting left behind.  Please Give if You Can. Thank YOU.

Support Our Emergency COVID Appeal for Scholarships Now.