The 2019 Alumni Clash of the Titans…It’s ON. Please GIVE to send Today’s Titans to College.

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The 2019 Alumni

Clash of the Titans is ON.  

Titan Alumni GIVE Every Fall to help send today’s T.C. Titans to College…Did you know that at Today’s T.C. Williams, 2 out of 3 Titans live near or below the poverty level.  By Giving to support scholarships during The Clash of the Titans, you can help your graduating class WIN The Clash of The Titans and hold bragging rights all year long…all while helping a T.C. kid get to college.



Thank YOU, Titans! The scholarships you support only deepen Titan Pride and Titan Spirit at today’s T.C. Williams.  Importantly they can give a kid the chance to attend college, a chance they might not have otherwise.  #OnceATitan #TitansRising #RememberTheTitans #WeAreTheTitans


College Scholarships Change Lives…Forever.