Scholarship Fund Announces New Chair, Vice-Chair & New Members of its Board of Trustees

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Scholarship Fund of Alexandria Announces New Board of Trustees Chair and Vice-Chair, New Members
Priscilla Goodwin to serve as Chair, Dr. Michael Casey as Vice-Chair
Former Superintendent Dr. Lois Berlin, Professor Kimberly O’Donnell to Join Board

Alexandria, VA – The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria (SFA) today announced that its new Board Chair will be Priscilla Goodwin, former Vice-Chair and Member of the TC Williams Class of 1978. In addition, Dr. Michael Casey, Member of the TC Williams Class of 1971 and ACPS Lead for Sheltercare for at-risk students will serve as SFA Vice-Chair. SFA also announced that former ACPS Interim Superintendent Dr. Lois Berlin and Professor and non-profit fundraising strategist Kimberly O’Donnell will serve as new Board Members. SFA Board Secretary Deborah Ellsworth and Board Treasurer Bruce Johnson will both continue to serve in their current capacity for the coming year.

SFA Executive Director Beth Lovain lauded the efforts of outgoing Board Chair Kathy Conrad and welcomed new leadership and new members. “We are so very grateful for the dedication and leadership of our outgoing Chair Kathy Conrad. She has served the Board and the Alexandria community for over a decade helping hundreds of Alexandria students in need get to college,” said Lovain.

Lovain continued, “This is a tremendously important time for the Scholarship Fund – because there are so many talented young students, and there is such a great need for assistance in this community. We are excited to welcome Priscilla Goodwin as Chair. She has been a tireless force in the Alexandria community, especially on behalf of TC Titans in need, for decades. Both Ms. Goodwin and Dr. Michael Casey bring a wealth of ideas and a true commitment to the cause.”

Lovain also lauded the continuing service of current members and new members of the Board of Trustees, “We are extraordinarily grateful to Deborah Ellsworth and Bruce Johnson for their continued service to the board. And we are very fortunate for all of the expertise that Dr. Berlin and Ms. O’Donnell will bring to support our cause. We are so appreciative of all of the new talent that has stepped forward and stepped up to help Alexandria students achieve their college dreams.”

SFA 2018-2019 BOARD:

Priscilla Goodwin, Chair, TCW’ 78
Dr. Michael Casey, Vice-Chair, TCW ’71
Deborah Ellsworth, Secretary, TCW ‘79
Bruce Johnson, Treasurer

Mark Anderson, TCW ’80
Dr. Lois Berlin
Paul Brinkman
Peter Colarulli
Laura Cassidy, TCW ‘77
Albion Dickson
Andrew Garrahan, TCW ’01
Angela Green
Kevin Jahns
Jean Kelleher
John Leary, TCW ‘87
Sandra Murphy
Daniel Murrin
Kimberly O’Donnell
Shannon Watson, TCW ’85

Ex Officio Members:
Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings Jr., ACPS Superintendent, TCW ’95 & SFA Scholarship Recipient
Beth Lovain, SFA Executive Director