Our 2017 Scholarship Recipients Return For our 2018 Alumni Luncheon

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A Great Group of 2017  Scholarship Recipients Returned for Our 2018 Alumni Luncheon to report back on their First Semester of College and to Thank Our Alexandria Supporters who Make College Possible!

The Scholarship Fund excitedly welcomed back 2017 recipients this week to hear about their adventures on campus during their first semester on campuses across the USA.  Students returned to TC Williams from campuses as far away as Northwestern University and Vanderbilt University and schools closer by including University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, George Mason and James Madison Universities. Students shared stories from college with our Director of College Advising Ms. Margaret Feldman our College Adviser and TC Alum, Ms. Abigail Osei and Assistant Director Ms. Maria Redwine.   We heard stories about transitions, challenging coursework, newly formed study habits, explorations in extracurriculars, bad dining hall food, good dining hall food and perennially sleeping roommates.  It was great to see all of these smiling faces, fresh and rested from winter break and ready to take on second semester.  We are so proud of you TC 2017!!

We also heard a recurring theme from these 2017 recipients:  Gratitude.  They expressed gratitude and thanks to the many Alexandria residents, businesses and community leaders who GIVE to Make College Possible.

Tita Ferede, 2017 Scholarship Recipient and Freshman at James Madison University, pictured above, reflected on receiving a Scholarship and being the first in her family to attend college. “Thank you so much for allowing me to be the first in my family to attend college and for making me feel proud,” said Ferede.  She continued, “It’s a lot of  stress on your shoulders being the first generation in your family to attend college, and you have made it easier for me and I am truly grateful and truly honored to be able to say that I received a scholarship from The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria.”


Thanks so much for coming back to see us TC 2017!  Stay in touch, we can’t wait to hear about the great things you do second semester and beyond!  #TitansRising  #ScholarshipsChangeLive #Forever