Verna Lomax Lange

Verna Lomax Lange 2002

Verna Lomax LangeVerna Lomax Lange has applied her engineering skills to develop manufacturing and mechanical technology around the world.  After graduating from Princeton, she traveled with her brother, Frank to Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, to train as an oilfield service engineer.

After completing her training, she began working as an oil industry Field Engineer on land drilling rigs in Bakersfield, California, and then continued her field work all over western Canada.  Verna continued her engineering work on offshore drilling rigs, working in Prudhoe Bay and Kenai, Alaska, with additional land work in Victoria, Texas.

Verna completed her new technology field tests in Europe.  She spent two months in the North Sea off the coast of Aberdeen testing new field technology.

Verna is active in her community as a Girl Scout troop leader and is an active member of the Society of Women Engineers.  She is also an avid runner, scuba diver, and hiker.

She completed master’s degrees in Education at CUNY City College.  A role model for women entering the engineering field, Verna exemplifies that education can take you practically anywhere you want to go.

T.C. Williams Class of 1992
B.S.E., Mechanical Engineering, Princeton University, 1996
M.A., Education, CUNY City College, 2004