Luisa Reyes

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Luisa Reyes 2012

Luisa Reyes

Luisa Reyes is a first generation Latina raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Her parents come from Bolivia and El Salvador and have instilled in her the importance of education and strong work ethics. Luisa was awarded the Pan American Health Organization Centennial Scholarship and along with her older brother, Ronald (TCW ’99, GMU ’03), became part of the first-generation of her family to attend college.

Luisa attended Patrick Henry Elementary School, Francis Hammond Middle School and Minnie Howard before T.C. Multitalented, mature and having a strong will to succeed, she completed a rigorous academic program while also participating in the Latin American Student Society, the National Honor Society, Peer Mediation, Project Discovery and the Orchestra. Luisa enrolled at American University and majored in International Business and French. After earning her BA, Luisa taught in France for a year, then earned her MBA in 2011.

As the Volunteer Outreach Manager for Wright to Read, Luisa recruits volunteers to work one-on-one with elementary school children who are reading below grade level. Luisa also volunteers at the Latino Youth Conference at American University where she helps high school students navigate the college application and access process

T.C. Williams Class of 2002
B.A., International Business and French, American University, 2006
M.B.A, International Business, American University, 2011