Elizabeth Johnson

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Elizabeth Johnson 2003

Elizabeth JohnsonElizabeth’s (Liz) career combines academic and professional interests with a warmth of personality that extends to all.  She is currently serving as a Legislative Assistant to Congressman Jim Moran.

After graduating from college and before heading off to grad school, Liz dynamically contributed to both the Alexandria and the T.C. Williams communities.  As an outreach coordinator for the Northern Virginia Urban League, she designed and implemented a comprehensive after school program for T.C. students with limited English proficiency.  Her program touched and enriched the lives of over 100 adolescents, from nineteen different countries, who had been in this country less than two years, encouraging them to become active in high school sports, community service projects, and a myriad of school projects.

Serving on the executive level task force of the Alexandria Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Liz worked on the media campaign and coordinated outreach among 21 Alexandria diverse activities.  She also served on the City of Alexandria Youth Policy Commission and the Youth Services Coordinating Council.

Sports have always been important to Liz.  She was an assistant coach of the T.C. women’s soccer team, coached basketball in the Alexandria Recreation League, and tutored members of the T.C. football team.  While at Duke, she was on the women’s soccer team, mentored international elementary students, and coached a young girl’s basketball team.  She also played soccer at University College Galway, Ireland.

T.C. Williams Class of 1996
B.A., Psychosocial Approaches to Public Policy-Making, Duke University, 2000
M.P.A., Princeton University, 2004