Devin Faragasso

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Devin Faragasso 2005

Devin FaragassoDevin Faragasso is one of Alexandria’s bright young stars.  Growing up in Alexandria, he was diagnosed with a learning disability and for a time attended private school.  He came to T.C. Williams as a junior.  “My parents were wary about whether the school would be a good fit for me with my learning disabilities,” said Devin.  He flourished as a Titan.

Following high school, Devin matriculated at St. Mary’s College in Maryland and subsequently enrolled in Medical School at the University of Virginia.  “I volunteered for years with the Boy Scouts,” he recalled.  “One year they had a particular need for a first aid counselor, and so I tried it.  I remember thinking, this would be a great career.”

He is particularly appreciative of the award he received from The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria.  “The scholarship was a generous thing that came from the community. It made me feel that Alexandria was a special place, and a great place to grow up.”

Devin completed his medical residency in New York City.  As an emergency room physician at Harlem Hospital; Metropolitan Hospital, in Spanish Harlem; and Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in the South Bronx, Devin gained valuable experience that will benefit his patients in future years.  He is now an Emergency Room physician in Lexington Kentucky.

Devin offers advice to other T.C. Williams students. “There’s a lot of opportunity.  Follow what you like, and don’t worry so much about things you can’t control.  Things usually work out if you’re doing what you want to do.”

Devin married a fellow Scholarship Fund of Alexandria recipient, Emily Snapp, TCW Class of 1996, in June 2005.

T.C. Williams Class of 1993
B.A., Biology, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, 1997
M.D., University of Virginia School of Medicine, 2003