Deisy Lemus Brangman

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Deisy Lemus Brangman 2010

Deisy Lemus Brangman

As a child, Deisy Brangman always said, “I am more of a Lego kid, than a Barbie kid”.  Her lifelong interest in “putting stuff together and seeing how things work” led to her current position as Assistant Project Manager for The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company.  Deisy is proud of a recently completed project, The Station at Potomac Yard, a multi-use building that incorporates a LEED fire station, retail space, and 64 work force and low-income apartments with EarthCraft Certification.

Born in Colombia, Deisy immigrated to the United States with her family in 1986.  She spent her elementary school years in Arlington before moving to Alexandria where she attended middle and high school.  While at T.C. Williams, Deisy’s interest in architecture was sparked by a technical drafting course. She graduated from T.C. in l998 and the University of Virginia in 2002 with a dual B.A. in economics and Spanish and a minor in architecture.  After college, Deisy worked for a small architecture firm in Alexandria and at JPMorgan Chase Bank in New York City.  Realizing that she wanted to “deal in real dollars,” she returned to Virginia in 2005, and began her present career in construction management with Whiting-Turner.

Deisy lives in Arlington with her husband, Gemal Brangman.  She likes to travel and takes a trip outside the United States at least once a year.  Through her job, Deisy recently became involved in a volunteer initiative that includes high school beautification in Washington, DC.  She also volunteers with her husband for Bartending for Change, a group that donates all bartending tips to a local charity each month.

Deisy is grateful for the monetary support from the Scholarship Fund, as well as the college counseling that helped her navigate the financial aid and scholarship systems.  Deisy observes that The Station at Potomac Yard “… is a special project to me as it allowed me to contribute my knowledge — made possible by the education funded by the Scholarship Fund — back to the City of Alexandria.”

T.C. Williams, Class of 1998
B.A., Economics and Spanish, University of Virginia, 2002