Bruce Milton

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Bruce Milton 2009


Bruce Milton has lived in and visited many different places, but when asked where he would make his home if he could live anywhere he wanted, he always answers “Alexandria.”  “There’s no place quite like it!” he says.

Raised in Alexandria since he was seven, Bruce arrived at TC after coming up through the Alexandria City Public School system.  A “typical” high school student, he enjoyed writing, bowling, going to movies, and spending time with friends.  He served as secretary of the Alexandria Youth Advisory Network and a member of Project Discovery, a club for students who are first generation in their families to attend college.  Ed Cannon, his Honors English teacher described Bruce as an “outstanding scholar who wrote exceptionally clear, concise and thorough analyses,” and “exhibited exceptional creative ability.”

Bruce was awarded the Carl T. Rowan Project Excellence Scholarship and the Staci C.L. Bradley Memorial Scholarship from The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria. He attended James Madison University where he earned a B.A. in mass communications with a concentration in TV Production.

Since graduating, Bruce has worked as a videographer for a Richmond news station, a caseworker for Congressman Jim Moran, an assistant director for TV and films in New York, and a closed captioner for a Henninger Media Services in Arlington.  He recently started a new job as an Audio/Visual Specialist for the Federal Air Marshal Distance Learning Branch.

Bruce married a T.C. Williams classmate, Katie Rivers, and they recently moved back to Alexandria. Active in the community as an assistant coach for youth basketball, Bruce and his family often visit  T.C. Williams to attend basketball or football games and admire the state of the art facilities.  He observes, “Students interested in a career in video production now have a studio and editing capabilities, graphic design classes, and so many tools at their disposal I didn’t have. It’s a great head start and a phenomenal opportunity.”

Bruce and Katie have a daughter, Emily, who will be a future Titan, Class of 2022

T.C. Williams Class of 1991
B.A., Mass Communications, James Madison University, 1995