Arooj Mustafa

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Arooj Mustafa 2012

Arooj Mustafa

Spunk. Determination. A passion to succeed. These are just some of the attributes that have been used to describe Arooj Mustafa, a four-year recipient of the Capital One Financial Corporation Scholarship.

Arooj’s parents came from Pakistan for work, but decided to remain in the United States to ensure their children received a good education, Arooj made the most of this opportunity by turning a so-so start in High School into an Advanced Diploma, numerous accolades for both academics and her volunteer activities. She is the first of six children in her family to attend College.

After William Ramsey Elementary, Francis Hammond Middle School and T.C. Williams High School, Arooj went on to receive a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech. She is a packaging engineer for Colgate Palmolive in New York where she leads the conceptualization, development and engineering design and testing for improved and specialty packages.

“One reason that I work so adamantly is because that I know that I can one day inspire someone, just as others have inspired me.” Arooj’s hard work has obviously paid off, as two of her sisters, Nagina Bhati (TCW ’08) and Adina Bhati (TCW ’09) have followed in her footsteps to Virginia and her youngest sister, Farheena Mustafa (TCW ’12) will matriculate at the University of Virginia.

T.C. Williams Class of 2005
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic and State University, 2009