Kelvin Garcia

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Kelvin Garcia 2001

Kelvin Garcia
The goals, dreams, and challenges that are the business of the Scholarship Fund are those not only of the individual student but also of each member of the student’s family. With stories such as the Garcias’, to speak of a Scholarship Fund student is to speak of a Scholarship Fund family.

Kelvin’s family had limited means. He and his four brothers began working when they were 14 years old to help support the family’s home, living expenses, and bills. For any family, sending five children to college is formidable. For the Garcia family, such a task was practically impossible. Fortunately, the Scholarship Fund was able to provide assistance to every one of the five boys, and all of them have been able to make completing college a reality.

Kelvin has excelled in the information technology industry. Nominated by his company, TRW, he earned national recognition by receiving the Most Promising Hispanic Engineer of the Year Award.

“The support of my community in advancing my education gave me the confidence to go forward,“ says Kelvin, who looks forward to the day the family can establish a scholarship of its own.

T.C. Williams Class of 1993
B.S., George Mason University, 1998