Duane White

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Duane White 2002

Duane White
Duane E. White is contributing to the welfare of his community and to the field of science.  As a Health Physicist with the Materials Safety and Inspection Branch of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, he is charged with an array of tasks ranging from monitoring radioactive decay in storage activities to providing radiation safety coverage for cancer therapy treatments.

His research is on the cutting edge of exploration and could potentially resolve the environmental health challenges that face our nation.  At the University of Maryland in Baltimore, he developed an instrument calibration program that has the capacity to calibrate more that 100 radiation survey instruments.  He also helps to protect our environment by monitoring air for incineration and decay in radioactive storage activities.

Duane has always made time in his busy life to help other.  During his years in graduate school, he tutored undergraduate students at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.  He created and assigned challenging problems to be solved by the students in the disciplines of General Physics, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Business and Engineering Calculus.

Duane’s work highlights the power of science in today’s world and puts him in the forefront, using his training to address some of the most pressing environmental safety and health issues facing us today.  Given his accomplishments and his dedication to his field, Duane is quickly becoming a star in the scientific community.

T.C. Williams Class of 1989
B.S., Physics, Norfolk State University, 1993
M.S., Nuclear Engineering, Health Physics, University of Tennessee, 1995