Amy Douglass Baugus & Tara Douglass Crittenden

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Amy Douglass Baugus & Tara Douglass Crittenden 2001

Amy Douglass Baugus & Tara Douglass Crittenden 2001
The Douglass sisters stand among the many Fund recipients who are helping the community that once helped them. After graduating from James Madison University and obtaining Master’s degrees, both felt an obligation to give back.

“After getting my Master’s degree in Special Education, I really wanted to come back to Alexandria and teach in the public school system,” says Tara. “I felt like people in the community care about me as an individual and had an interest in my future.” Tara taught in the Alexandria City Public Schools and worked at Charles Barrett Elementary with children who have learning disabilities or other health impairments.

Amy works at Prison Fellowship Ministries, with the mission of reaching out to prisoners, ex-prisoners, and victims of crime and their families. She, too, was motivated by the community’s support. “The scholarship eased the financial burden of paying for tuition and living expenses, but it also gave me confidence in pursuing a higher education knowing that the community was behind me with their support and belief in my future success,” says Amy.

T.C. Williams Class of 1989
B.S., James Madison University, 1993 (Amy & Tara)
M.A., Special Education, James Madison University, 1997 (Tara)
M.S.W., Virginia Commonwealth University, 1997 (Amy)