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About Our Scholarships

The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria was established in 1986 to help ensure that ALL Alexandria students, regardless of their socioeconomic background, have the opportunity to attend college. Thanks to the generosity of the Alexandria community, The Scholarship Fund awards over $1 million in scholarships to Alexandria City High School graduates each spring. Most of our scholarships range from $3,000 to $5,000 and can often mean the difference between a student being able to afford college, or simply staying home. VIEW the Facts.

Each year, the fund awards over $1 million in scholarships. That total includes renewal scholarships that help students pay for college through all four years — making a college degree attainable. In 2021 we awarded $523,700 in first-year scholarships to 180 members of the T.C. Williams (now Alexandria City High School) Class of 2021 who headed to schools including The College of William & Mary, George Mason University, Georgetown University, and Northern Virginia Community College. Our 2021  awards will also include over $741,000 in renewal scholarships for students heading back to school for their second, third or fourth year.  Our renewal scholarships — which give qualified hard-working scholars the opportunity to count on support year after year — are a critical component of ensuring they receive their diplomas and move on to achieve success.


About our College Advisers

Critically, our College Advisers work to empower Alexandria City High School students by providing them with information about and access to private and institutional scholarships, including federal and state aid to help them make their college dreams a reality. We also begin working with ACPS students during the 6th grade to help ensure all kids have an onramp and access to information about getting on the college track and paying for college.

Nearly half of our scholarship recipients each year are the first in their family to attend college. To afford college, they need to be able to access the full complement of available financial aid and scholarships. Our college advisers have successfully worked with students to secure financial aid and scholarships for schools including Duke University, Cornell University and Georgetown University that are “full rides” ensuring that students can graduate debt-free from college.

Just one scholarship can lead to generations of financial stability, independence and success for an Alexandria student and their family.



Since 1986, we have awarded more than $17 million in scholarships to Alexandria students with financial need.   We have sent more than 5,000 hard-working  Titans off to college. Please donate today to help us send one more. Click To Give.