2020 Tax Credit Offer

 NEWS About an Exciting TAX CREDIT Oppportunity…

Supporting The Scholarship Fund Feels Good…Getting Money Back in Tax Credits Feels Even Better.

Winter 2020

The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria has been chosen by the Commonwealth of Virginia to receive select Tax Credit Status. We are one of only 70 educational organizations statewide to receive this designation. As an approved charity we can now offer you, our supporters, a 65% tax credit on your financial contribution to the Scholarship Fund — which when coupled with standard state and federal deductions* can add up to over 80% return on your investment, or money back in your pocket.  

If you have been meaning to give a gift to The Scholarship Fund, the time has simply never been better. Please give today so that you can send an Alexandria kid to college. Scholarships change lives, forever. CLICK HERE for Tax Credit Sample Calculation to understand how YOU can benefit from our tax credits.

In some cases, our new tax credit status can result in Zero-Cost charitable giving, and may actually save you more in taxes than the amount of your gift – you could actually come out ahead dollar-wise. The tax credits are applicable on donations of stock and appreciable assets and can allow you to fully eliminate capital gains taxes you would have paid had you sold the appreciated asset.

“Virginia offers tax credits in exchange for donations to nonprofit organizations serving the truly needy. Remember that a tax credit is far more valuable than a deduction because it reduces your tax bill dollar for dollar.”  –Forbes contributor John Marotta, “How to Make Money Paying Virginia Income Tax” 

“As a small business owner this was a great way to support my local community, and a smart business move. We get a great tax benefit and help send local kids to college. It really is a win-win.”  –Chris Wolz, Owner, Forum One, and longtime SFA supporter

The credits are in limited supply and will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact Beth Lovain at (703) 824-6730 or scholarshipfund@acps.k12.va.us to check to see if tax credits are still avaialble. Beth will help make the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) tax credit process fast and easy. 

“I feel good about helping a local student get to college. I donated and received a tax credit through the Scholarship Fund. It was a quick and easy process resulting in a savings on my tax bill.”--Priscilla Goodwin, longtime SFA supporter and Board Chair

 EMAIL US TODAY to find out about giving…and getting tax credits. And remember, the scholarships you support canchange lives…forever.



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* Assuming a 35% marginal tax rate. Savings may be greater or less, depending on your rate. Please consult your tax advisor for specific information based on your tax situation. Any excess tax credit can be rolled forward and used by the donor for up to five years.