Mr. Porter…back in the 80’s

John Porter, T.C. Williams Principal 1984-2006


On Fulfilling the Promise…

I am so very proud of our “Titan Heritage.” Having served as principal for 22 years, T.C. Williams will always be a part of who I am; and I know that each one of you carries a little piece of T.C. along with you too. Each of us carries our Titan Spirit & our Titan Pride along wherever we go. You felt it every day in the halls, at the big game, at graduation, and you feel it now whenever you see or hear from a fellow Titan.

My time at T.C. Williams has taught me one thing for certain: kids need to know that you care about them, that you believe in them and that you have their best interest at heart.

We all stand together now, shoulder to shoulder as proud T.C. Alums.  It’s our turn to show today’s T.C. Williams High School students that we care about them and that we believe in them. As the Chair of the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria’s “Clash of the Titans” I’m asking you to join me in supporting The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria, and today’s Titans in need.

The Scholarship Fund, based at T.C., is a non-profit that works to ensure that ALL T.C. Titans, regardless of their financial need, have the opportunity to go to college.  Incredibly, since 1986 SFA and its supporters have helped send more than 4,700 Titans to college and awarded more than $16 million in scholarships. Many of you out there actually received a scholarship from SFA!  The Scholarship Fund awards $1 million in scholarships each year.  But each year, bright, hard-working T.C. Titans who show great promise are left behind simply because the Scholarship Fund does not have enough funds to support them.

What is “The Clash of the Titans?” It’s a friendly annual competition that pits TC Alumni graduating classes against one another to raise funds for the Scholarship Fund — all in the name of sending kids to college.  It’s great because it helps today’s kids get to college, but it is also a great reason for us come together in the name of T.C. Williams. You can track the results on social media and the SFA website…and give to keep your graduating class in the lead.

I am asking you to join me in giving to support The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria during the Clash of the Titans, now through November 6th. Because If we ALL do our part, if we all give, we can make sure that all hard-working students can fulfill their promise, that they are not left behind.

As a lifelong resident of Alexandria, and with all my years working with The Scholarship Fund, I can tell you that the college scholarships they award really do change lives, forever.  Just one scholarship can literally mean generations of success and financial independence for an Alexandria student and their family.

And that is why I am so proud to serve as this year’s Chair for the “Clash of the Titans.” Will you please join me and over 1,500 Titan alumni and generous Alexandria residents and business leaders in supporting scholarships for Titans in need?  At today’s T.C. Williams High School the diverse socioeconomic population continues to swell each year along with ever-rising cost of college and the growing need for college scholarships. Did you know that 2 out of 3 families at today’s T.C. Williams live near or below the poverty level. These families have difficulty putting food on the table let alone saving for college.  

Please donate today to help today’s Titans fulfill their promise of attending college, and also to help your class win “The Clash of The Titans.” Last year, Class of 1989 won, who’s going to take ‘em down this year?? The Clash runs from October 4 thru November 6…and culminates in an All-Alumni Happy Hour on Novembe

r 6th at Chadwicks (Owned by ’99 Titan Trae Lamond!) from 6pm – 9 p.m. I’ll be there; will you?

I also hope that as you plan and gather at your class reunions this year that you will consider joining together to create a scholarship to honor your graduating class and send one of today’s Titans to college – a great way to honor T.C.’s storied past and its vibrant future.

Thank you…and remember, Once a Titan, Always a Titan!

John Porter, Principal



Chair, Clash of the Titans & Fall Fund Drive

Scholarship Fund of Alexandria