Dr. Kenneth Shumate

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Dr. Shumate ’98 Titan and former Scholarship Recipient will also receive a “Portrait of Success Award” on April 28th! Kenneth will be lauded as an example of how hard work and relentless pursuit of your goals can pay off for our scholarship recipients. Kenneth graduated from High Point University and taught math while attending dental school at night. He graduated from Meharry Medical College in Nashville as a Doctor of Dental Surgery.  Dr. Shumate owns his own practice in Waldorf, MD.  At T.C. Kenneth was a talented athlete and received MVP titles in Track and Field and Football. He credited Coaches Wortham, Diggins, Hughes and Johnson as well as Principal Porter with guiding and inspiring him at T.C.  Kenneth recalled that receiving a scholarship was “…so uplifting.  It helped tremendously with my expenses. It was an honor to receive.”  Congratulations Dr. Shumate!