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Titan Legacy Society

The following individuals have included The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria in their estate plans:

Mary Ann & Dale Brown                                             Ellen Harmon

Sally Evans                                                             Jane Jordan

Jim TCW ’79 & Christine TCW ’79 Garner                    Wendy Wysong & Tracy Rickett

Ginny and Robb Mulberger

Joining the Titan Legacy Society is a powerful way of showing your commitment to education and the youth of our community. Bequests may be made in the form of charitable annuities, trusts, retirement accounts, or insurance policies. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated and do not need to be established as a specific dollar amount.  If you would like more information on the Titan Legacy Society, or if you have already included SFA in your estate plans, please contact Beth Lovain at 703 824-6730. 


You can give future or deferred gifts and yet take a tax deduction today. In exchange for the tax deduction, you commit funds which will ultimately benefit a charitable purpose but may generate lifetime support for you. This can both decrease you income taxes now, and reduce your estate taxes in the future.

For example:

  • You can participate in a CHARITABLE POOLED INCOME FUND in which you receive income for life, in exchange for the principal gift going to charity at your death.
  • You can set up a private CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUST to receive either trust income or an annuity payment for life or a term up to 20 years, with the remainder going to charity.
  • You can set up a private CHARITABLE LEAD TRUST to give income to a charity now for a fixed period, e.g., 10 years, with the remainder going to a non-charity, such as family members. This can remove highly appreciating assets from your estate.

In addition:

  • You can donate cash value LIFE INSURANCE or appreciated securities to a charity.
  • You can give a remainder interest in REAL ESTATE and reserve a life estate for yourself.
  • You can save ESTATE TAXES by creating either A TRUST OR FOUNDATION IN YOUR WILL, which will provide ongoing benefit to the community. You can create your own scholarship either as a memorial or to advance a particular educational career objective.
  • More simply, in your will, you can make a SPECIFIC BEQUEST or name a charity like the Scholarship Fund. With the Fund, you can create your own scholarship either as a memorial or to advance a favored educational or career objective.
  • You can also name the Scholarship Fund as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, IRA or annuity or other retirement account.

Planned Gifts Include:

  • Setting up a private Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Setting up a private Charitable Lead Trust
  • Donating cash value Life Insurance
  • Donating a remainder interest in Real Estate
  • Creating either a Trust or a Foundation in your will
  • Making a specific bequest
  • Naming the Alexandria Scholarship Fund as a beneficiary
  • The Charitable Pooled Income Fund
  • Transferring stocks or securities for the Alexandria Scholarship Fund

Please contact us for assistance in transferring stocks or securities.

All contributions are deductible for income tax purposes as provided by law. Gifts of securities which have appreciated in value offer additional tax advantages to the donor and are most welcome.

Please note that some gifts may not be readily converted for the financial benefit of the charity or used for the purpose of the charity. This will affect the amount that can be deducted for income tax purposes. Further, certain gifts may have potential liability, which cannot be accepted. The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria will be happy to discuss any intended gifts with you.

For questions about planned giving, please contact Beth Lovain, 703 824-6730.