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Patron Saint Awards

"PATRON SAINT" AWARDS - Opening Doors to Success

These awards recognize the "unsung heroes" in the community who, over the years, have worked long and hard to help The Scholarship Fund reach its goal of ensuring that all academically qualified T.C. Williams graduates can afford postsecondary education.


We recognize Cathy Puskar with the Patron Saint Award for being a consummate alumni advocate for T.C. Williams graduates. Through her infectious dedication to the Scholarship Fund, she has recruited a community of supporters multiplying the effect of her efforts. Approximately $425,000 can be attributed to her individual fundraising efforts to date, covering the costs of 170 individual scholarships. If there is a job, she has done it – nine years on the board of trustees, a term as Chair of the Board, multiple years on the Gala Committee, three years as Gala Co-Chair. Through her advocacy and persistence on behalf of fellow alumni, Cathy has left an indelible mark on the city of Alexandria.


A 1981 graduate of T.C. Williams, Taki Sidley is committed to providing outstanding educational opportunities to the Titans of the 21st century. He has taught English and Documentary Photography Studies at TC and has exhorted his students to explore their skills in photography and journalism by publishing a series of books profiling the students, staff and alumni of the school. Taki has generously shared his talent and the talents of his students to support the Scholarship Fund through photography, media presentations, and graphic design to promote the message of SFA and increase awareness or our mission.


Brooksie Koopman is a true Friend of the Scholarship Fund.

No task is too large or detail too small for Brooksie to address. She served as chair of the Spring Gala and shared her amazing editorial talents to produce a letter-perfect program. As decorator-in-chief, Brooksie and her team transform the Gala into a beautiful event. She is a major supporter of the Fall Telethon and challenges others to support our students. Brooksie is committed to the Fund's mission to provide opportunities for all T.C. Williams graduates access and complete higher education. This Patron Saint award is a lifetime achievement award for Brooksie Koopman's years of commitment to Alexandria students.


Stephanie Clayton served on the Scholarship Fund Board of Trustees for nine years. saintstephanie

In 2005 Stephanie took on the role of "co-chair" of the Fund's signature event--the Spring Gala. Under Stephanie's amazing leadership the Gala was transformed into the best party in Alexandria. The 2010 Gala netted more than $300,000 to support General Fund Scholarships and renewal awards.


E. Lynn Hampton - During her nine-year tenure on the Scholarship Fund Board of Trustees, Lynn Hampton generously shared her time and professional expertise to support the Fund. She initiated the "Power Women of Alexandria" as one of the most successful challenges in Telethon history, served on the Scholarship Selection Committee, and served as Treasurer of the Board for two years. Lynn and her husband, Denny Auld, opened their home to a TCW Class of 2002 Scholarship recipient for whom they provided support and encouragement as she pursued her undergraduate studies and medical school.


Kerry Donley - Former Mayor of Alexandria, Kerry Donley served as Athletic Director of T.C. Williams for the past three years and has demonstrated the value of teamwork, school spirit and commitment to excellence in the classroom and on the athletic field. Kerry has served as voice for the Scholarship Fund, raising thousands of dollars as co-host of the Fall Telethon and auctioneer for the Spring Gala.


Larry Trice - Affectionately known as "Mr. T.C." Larry Trice has taught math at T.C. since 1969. He conceived the idea behind TITAN Expo that raises funds for the Larry Trice/PTSA Scholarships. Mr. Trice sponsors both the Student Council Association and Key Club, organizes homecoming, blood drives and countless community service activities.

Dr. Nicole Farmer Hurd - In 2004, Dr. Hurd was the inspiration behind the University of Virginia's College Guide Program that has been an overwhelming success in providing college and financial aid advising for Alexandria students. Alexandria is honored to have been a part of the pilot for this program.


Jan and Randy Kell. As Co-Chair of Titan Expo, Jan worked tirelessly to make Titan Expo a record-breaking success and raise funds to support the Larry Trice SCA/PTSA Scholarships. Mark Winkler Company, where Randy serves as President, presented the Scholarship Fund with its single largest unrestricted gift, $75,000, to kick-off the Fund's 20th Anniversary in January 2006.


Julie Carey - Julie Carey is a parent of two Alexandria City Public School students and a TV news reporter for NBC 4. She has shared her professional broadcasting talents by serving as on-air host for our Fall Telethon for the past seven years. Julie has helped raise thousands of dollars to support deserving students. Her favorite assignments are interviewing successful former scholarship recipients.
Barbara Rosenfeld - Barbara Rosenfeld has shared her time and talents to support the Scholarship Fund. She has served as a member of the Telethon Planning Committee and the Gala Committee. In 2004 she set a new record for Gala Program ads, and broke her own record in 2005! A professional writer, Barbara also provided encouragement and assisted the Fund in preparing a successful grant proposal.


Jack Taylor - for his enduring commitment to the future of Alexandria. Jack helped establish two scholarships, the Lynhaven Rosa Byrd Scholarship and the Bill Nichols Memorial Scholarship. In September 2000, he hosted the major fundraising event for the "Remember the Titans," movie premier. In 2003, Jack served as co-host and major donor for our November Telethon and made major contributions to the success of our 2004 Gala. Jack is truly a patron saint for the youth of Alexandria.
Gila Harris - for her lifetime commitment to education as a teacher in the Alexandria City Public Schools, a member of the Scholarship Fund Board of Trustees, Chairman of the Community Outreach Committee, Co-Chair of the 2001 Gala, and for her extraordinary commitment to the Gala Auction Committee for many years.
Mary Jo Johnson - Chair of the Gala Auction Committee for three years, Mary Jo has shared her time and talent to bring this fundraising campaign to new heights. We recognize one of Mary Jo's highest accomplishments - being the parent of a Scholarship recipient who continues the family tradition of giving back to build a better future for our community.


Maggie Fitzsimmons - A dedicated volunteer, Maggie chaired the Program Committee and devoted countless hours of her personal time to organize and implement the application and selection process. A person of many talents, Maggie also served as co-chair of two successful Galas.
Dale Schmidt - Dale has shared his legal and financial expertise to personally guide scores of T.C. Williams students and their families through the complex financial aid application process.


Cherie Carroll - Event planner extraordinaire, Cherie chaired the memorable "Remember the Titans" movie premier event in 2000 and led the 2002 Gala to new heights. Cherie went that extra mile to ensure that these events were both fun and profitable.
Mark Wilkoff - Mark shared his contagious enthusiasm for the Scholarship Fund throughout his record four-year tenure as Chairman of the Telethon.


Miguel Iglesias - Miguel has applied his software design skills to the Scholarship Fund's Telethon since 1997, producing a state-of-the-art system for making donations and reporting them.
Thomas Lint - Since 1997, Thomas has recruited an efficient team of volunteers to input donor data and managed an effective and reliable accounting operation during the Telethon.
Jan Sutfin - During the past two years, Jan has almost single-handedly written acknowledgments and, when appropriate, personal notes for over 2,600 gifts to the Scholarship Fund valued at more than one million dollars.


Michael Maness - ACPS, for facilitating the staging and filming of the Telethon and acting as on air director since the event began.
Marie Schuler - General Manager of Jones Communications, when it became Comcast, for the contribution she and Jones/Comcast made by donating airtime, volunteers, and technical support for the Fund's annual Telethon.


Members of the steering committee who helped build the Jones Communications/Scholarship Fund Telethon which began in 1996, into the major fundraising event it is today: Dan Goldhaber, Chairman in 1998 and 1999; Derek Lymus, Jones Communications Production Supervisor; Karen Master and Joan Singer, Entertainment; John Roberts, Publicity. Pat Moran for her selfless spirit of giving whether overseeing the logistics for the Telethon, organizing the reception for the awards ceremony, or reading scholarship applications.


Paul Jost - Chairman of the fundraising outreach for the Telethon, Paul enthusiastically supports the Scholarship Fund with his time and his resources.
John Porter - Principal of T.C. Williams High School since the Fund's founding in 1986, John is everywhere all of the time with his support for the students and the Fund.


William D. Euille - City Councilman and Honorary Co-Chairman of the 1997 Telethon, Bill continues to generously donate his time and resources to better the chances of young people in Alexandria to fulfill their potential.
Tina Sims - Chair of the Gala decorating committee for five years, Tina has devoted her talent, creativity, and countless hours to making the Gala the most beautiful and elegant party in town.
Susan Yowell - As volunteer assistant to the Fund's Executive Director, she helped coordinate fundraising campaigns and initiated communicating the success of the Fund to teachers and parents in the elementary and middle schools.


Margene Berry, Loti Dunn and Doris Lindsey - As members of the Gala Planning Committee, they have headed up the Gala's silent and live auctions for four years, helping to raise $80,000 for the Scholarship Fund.
Beth Fujishige - As public affairs manager for Jones Communications, she was the inspiration behind the first annual Jones Communications/Scholarship Fund of Alexandria Telethon.
John Anderson - Making a gift of $50,000 to the Scholarship Fund, John hopes his gift encourages others to invest in the post-secondary education of young people.


Katie Cook - Member of the Gala Committee since its creation five years ago to raise money for the Fund. From masterminding the initial outreach to hundreds of potential donors to managing the Gala mailing list, Katie has been a driving force in making the Gala what it is today.
Philip Johnson - Active member of Board of Trustees since its creation nine years ago, who served as chair of the nominating committee for the past two. President of Charter Printing, his example of in-kind donations of printing services for fundraising and the Award's Ceremony is greatly appreciated.


Nancy L. Dunton - Head of senior parents fundraising phonothon.
Doris McCracken - While volunteering in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Doris acknowledged hundreds of donations to the Scholarship Fund.
Patricia Bayly Smith - Assistant in the T.C. Williams Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.


Lou Cook - As Chair of the Alexandria School Board, Lou was a sponsor of the Scholarship Fund in 1986. She served as chair of the Fund's Board of Trustees for the first six years.
Kitty Porterfield - Director of the Scholarship Fund from 1986-1992.
Eleanor Geiger - Head of senior parents fundraising phonothon.


Center for Naval Analyses - Endowed a $2500 scholarship. Accepted by Robert Berg, President.
Alice Digilio - Headed senior parents fundraising phonothon.
Time Life Inc - Supported comprehensive tutoring program for Lyles Crouch Elementary School, including an endowed scholarship for a participant in the program upon graduation from T.C. Williams. Accepted by Gwen Mullen, who began and coordinated the tutoring program.


Robert L. Calhoun - State Senator and former City Council member instrumental in securing a $25,000 start-up grant for the Fund from the City.
Timothy S. Elliott - As a member of the School Board, Tim developed the concept and sponsored the School Board's inauguration of The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria.


Education Assoc. of Alexandria - Sponsored the Mary Hatwood Futrell Scholarships. Accepted by Vida Johnson, President.
T.C. Williams Swim Team - Began an annual swim-a-thon to raise money for the Michael Waller Memorial Scholarship. Accepted by Armi Stief, Head Coach.
Titan EXPO - Raised money for scholarships. Accepted by Larry Trice, Faculty Advisor
Charter Printing Services - Accepted by Philip Johnson, President
Arts & Humanities Advisory Committee to the School Board - A signature quilt was used to raise funds for the Robert W. Peebles Scholarship. Accepted by Linda Johnson, Chair; Kathy Martin, Quilter.
T.C. Williams 25th Anniversary - Accepted by William Euille, Chair. Bill led the effort to donate to the Scholarship Fund the money raised by the anniversary celebration and by the Class of 1965.


Cassandra & Ralph Bradley - Founders and fundraisers for the Staci C.L. Bradley Memorial Scholarship and major benefactors of the Scholarship Fund.
Decima D. Webber - Donor and fundraiser for the George T. Webber Memorial Scholarship.
Winifrede B. Ottinger - Initiated senior parents fundraising phonothon.
Claudia & John Waller - Donors and fundraisers for the Michael Waller Memorial Scholarship.
TCW SCA - Scholarship Donor. Accepted by Larry Trice, Faculty Advisor.
TCW PTSA - Scholarship Donor. Accepted by Marge Hurd and Raymonda MacKay, Co-Presidents.
Alexandria Woman's Club - Scholarship Donor since 1979. Accepted by Barbara Kenadjian, Scholarship Chair.


George Cook - provided advice and counsel in designing the structure of the Fund as well as seed money for the Fund.
William Thomas - contributed seed money and established a community base for the Fund.