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Honor A Teacher
Toast to Teachers! Revelry before Retirement! Festivities for a Favorite!

Honor A Teacher: Are you looking for a way to honor a special teacher, staff, or volunteer?

Hold a party for the teacher and ask guests to make a donation to the Scholarship Fund in his or her name. Make it as big or small as you like. The party can be simple to over-the-top fabulous! Everyone has a great time, and the event raises money for a great cause –making college dreams come true for needy ACPS graduates. If the event raises $3,000, a scholarship will be given in the teacher’s name.

We will help by letting the teacher know what you are planning. We can set up the electronic invitation for you too.

Who can be honored?

Not just teachers and assistants. Celebrate a principal, paraprofessional, PTA leader, librarian, office staff, nurse, custodian, coach, volunteer tutor, etc. All who work to enhance your child's learning experience

For info call Beth Lovain at 703-824-6730 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . are eligible!! 


 Examples Of 2015 Honor A Teacher Events:

German Winterfest in Honor of our Wunderbar German Teachers

Dee-sserts with Dee, in honor of T.C. Williams counselor Dee Marrara

Go to the Max for Maxey, in honor of retiring T.C. Williams principal Suzanne Maxey: 


Honor a Teacher!
FAQ for Trail blazers

What are reasons for this new program? It will be a fun and meaningful way to recognize an exceptional teacher/staff member at the end of the year, gather the school community together and support the college goals of ACPS students, all with one event. Guests give donations in honor of the special teacher or staff member to the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria (SFA). Comparable school districts have similar programs that are fun and exciting, as well as being supportive to teachers and students.

How will the teacher be recognized? In addition to the party, the teacher/staff will be recognized in the newspaper and via social media.

What do I (the host) do? You have a fabulous party/gathering. You and SFA invite the students’ parents and other fans of the teacher/staff. It can be as simple or as luxurious as you like! The host assumes the cost of the party.

What does the teacher (the honoree) do? The honoree helps you schedule the date and time and comes to the event.

What does the Scholarship Fund do? The Scholarship Fund will help to advertise the event and take care of the RSVPs. After the event the teacher/staff will be recognized in local news outlets. The Scholarship Fund and the host set a fee for each person to attend.

For the highest earning party, a $3,000 scholarship will be named for the honored teacher. Additionally, any event that raises $3,000 will qualify for a named scholarship. In June of 2016, the teacher will have the chance to present his or her scholarship to the lucky recipient at the SFA Award Ceremony. The teacher will also receive a thank you letter from the recipient.

Who will benefit? All proceeds will be used for scholarships for ACPS graduates with financial need. A student with financial need can receive at least $12,000 in scholarships over four years. The SFA makes a substantial difference in the ability of ACPS graduates to enroll in and complete their college education. SFA graduates are 50% more likely to complete college education than ACPS graduates as a whole.

Are the donations tax-deductible? Yes, The Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. SFA will send your guests a receipt for their tax records.  



Honor A Teacher Steps:

Before the event:

  1. Identify a teacher/staff member and host (1-2)
  2. Reach out to the teacher/staff
  3. Host chooses a theme/food/beverage
  4. Set a max number of guests
  5. Set a mutually convenient time, duration, and place for the event
  6. Set a cost of attendance.
  7. Allow sponsors, consider a possible VIP reception
  8. Set a cutoff date for RSVP.
  9. Collect email addresses of invitees
  10. Create and send invitation to get charitable donation, mailing address for sending receipt
  11. Send email invitation
  12. All attendees respond to the Eventbrite, make a suggested donation, then get the address of the party
  13. SFA tells the host the number of guests.


Day of the event:

  1. SFA staff provides a final guest list to host
  2. SFA requires prior payment, no payment at door
  3. A short presentation according to the wish of the host and guest


After the event:

  1. Send gift acknowledgement to host (in kind donation) and guests


For more information, call the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria at 703-824-6730, stop by A121 in T.C. Williams High School.