Michael A. Tilghman II

At the time of his application to the Scholarship Fund in his senior year at T.C., Michael Tilghman II wrote, “For me, success has

Ria Kristine S. Namata

Ria Namata, who emigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines at age nine, credits her mother with instilling in her a strong work et

Crystal Vanison-Robinson

Crystal Vanison-Robinson’s 12th grade Government Teacher, Jack Esformes, was prescient in 1996 when he wrote about her, “There is

Diller Matthews III

Four years ago two of Diller Matthews’ dreams came true. In 2011 he became a teacher and he became a father. As Diller recently sa

Maria Montiel Matthews

Community service and leadership were hallmarks of Maria Montiel Matthews’ time at T.C. Williams. Maria was an exceptional young v

SFA Awards 2017
Franklin Lomax, JR., Ph.D.

Dr. Lomax is dedicated to an exciting new energy future, bringing part of the new energy economy home to Alexandria.

Kate P. Moran 2002

Kate P. Moran has been constructing innovative ways of training today's special-needs youth to be a successful part of society.

Sheldon Schanck 2002

Sheldon Schanck is a well-known member of the Alexandria community and The Scholarship Fund.

Duane White 2002

Duane's research could potentially resolve the environmental health challenges that face our nation.

Amy Douglass Baugus – Tara Douglass Crittenden 2001

The Douglass sisters are helping the community that once helped them.

Michael Diggins 2001

SFA offered assistance to help Michael reach his goals, and he gained the confidence he needed to fulfill his dreams.