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Since 1986, The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria has provided financial aid advising to thousands of Alexandria students and their families and awarded scholarships with a total value near $12.5 million to almost 4,300 deserving T.C. Williams graduates. Each one has a story to tell of dreams pursued, challenges met, and social contributions made. In 2016, the Fund awarded over $1,000,000 in new and renewable scholarships.

Scholarship Fund Renewal 

Scholarship Renewal Application Is Open!

The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria's 2017 renewal scholarship application has opened for applicants.  Apply at:  .  It closes on July 15, 2017.  The instructions are included in the application.  To view terms of eligibility and what needs to be included with your application, click here:


L to R:  Jack Taylor, John Taylor, Winner Larry Mungin and Scholarshipf Fund Exeuctive Director Beth Lovain. 


Alexandria, VA – West End resident Larry Mungin held the winning raffle ticket drawn by Incoming T.C. Williams Principal Peter Balas at the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria Spring Gala on April 29. 
Larry Mungin claimed his prize, a check for $25,000, from Jack Taylor and John Taylor III of Jack Taylor’s Alexandria Toyota. For the 10th consecutive year, the dealership located on Jefferson Davis Highway donated a 2017 Toyota Camry SE or the equivalent $25,000 to the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria (SFA). Thanks to the Taylor family’s generosity, the raffle raises $70,000 each year to fund college scholarships for ACPS graduates. Jack and John Taylor explained their commitment to the Scholarship Fund.
“Alexandria Toyota feels fortunate to be involved with the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria! This is a unique organization that succeeds because we have the best students, the best teachers and the best parent participation. Every year I hear about more students becoming the first person in their family to go to college. This would not have happened had it not been for Alexandria’s Scholarship Fund. As long as this organization exists, our company will be a player.”
When asked what motivated him to purchase a raffle ticket, Larry Mungin said he purchased it from neighbor Dr. Michael Casey, a Scholarship Fund Board Member, “Because I really respect Michael and trusted that whatever cause he supported in the community it was a good one.  I am a big believer in giving back to the community and was happy to support scholarships for Alexandria kids in need.”
Mungin said he has always been an admirer of Jack Taylor and his role as a leader in serving his community.  He also said he would plan to use part of his winnings to purchase raffle tickets for friends and family next year to give back and to help them have a chance at winning too.  

Mr. Mungin had a cancer scare last fall, luckily early intervention helped him obtain a clean bill of health.  He said that while he saw the cancer scare as a random act of bad news, winning the raffle was a random act of good news…proving that there is maybe some balance to the universe.  He was in the midst of driving 8 hours to his family’s South Carolina vacation home when he got the call that he won the raffle.  He was tired, and not really sure it was real at first.