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The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria works to ensure that ALL Alexandria students regardless of their socioeconomic background have the opportunity to attend College. Just one scholarship can mean generations of financial stability and success for an Alexandria student and their family.  Want to help make a difference? Consider creating a scholarship, today.


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SFA Scholar of the Month: Sugeivis Gomez

Our October 2018 Scholar of the Month is Ms. Sugeivis Gomez, a freshman at Georgetown University’s prestigious School of Foreign Service. The Scholarship Fund and its Director of College Advising Margaret Feldman worked with Ms. Gomez during her time as a TC Williams Titan to ensure that she had information on and access to all available private and institutional student aid for college.  Ms. Gomez who is the first in her family to attend college, received a scholarship package that included a $14,000 scholarship from The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria and in total her aid package will provide her with a “full ride” scholarship to Georgetown!

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